Should we remove Ireland's WW2 lookout posts?

Should we remove Ireland's WW2 lookout posts?

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I'm not talking about who owns it being grounds for a CPO but rather expanding the law to include other areas that the state deems it desirable to be in state ownership, be they for heritage or other reasons.
Current CPO legislation must already have got around the constitutional right to own property and other legal issues, that's why I suggested it as a process rather than starting from scratch.
I'm sure it would be robustly challenged in the courts though.

Would you be comfortable with a law that allows the state to take your property if they deem it desirable?


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It isn't as vague as "it's desirable "though. It has to be for a specific purpose ( usually infrastructure) and there has to not be a viable alternative
That's why I said it would be tough to draft the legislation but I think it could be done.
It's only all hypothetical anyway, there is zero political or public interest in this area.

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