Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Car bombs and crude timing devices in civilian areas was their main method of terror as they were not exactly using accurate laser guided missiles.
"Obviously, there was some civilian collatoral damage"
"Why didn't you attack actual military targets, barracks, depots, that sort of thing?"
"That was hard. They can fight back. Blowing up pubs was much easier"
Nice efforts from the Mount Street mouthpiece trying to push this as somehow SF supporting Russia in this when they clearly are not

BTW, the organisation I canvass for never targeted civilian targets for their bombing and shelling salvoes but it clearly suits your agenda to lie.
OH yes, the bombs just accidentally killed men, women and children, so that makes it okay,

Have SF given the McCartney and Quinn families justice yet?

You know, the civilian the IRA killed AFTER the good Friday agreement.
Hey excuse my ignorance, but I have a question here, after seeing SF MEP comments. Was that Sinn Fein or Fianna Fail getting cuddly with Mr Adolf in the last century - I am trying to find the logic here and maybe past experiences would help a lot in understanding if stupid or just nostalgic towards totalitarism. I remember the name Charles Bewley, can someone help? That time is kinda complicated with Cosgrave and DeValera governments. So the chances that it could be either SF or FF are high. PS. No updates from me thanks to Vodafone Ireland and their crap broadband service...
Pity you can't give the updates catcha.

The relationship between Nazis and Irish politicians is complicated
Some in the IRA fought against them in Spain but subsequently there were deals done to get arms to help fight the british
Some of the IRA's enemies, formerly members of the IRA themselves, formed the Blueshirts, who were modeled on the Brownshirts and Blackshirts complete with the whole fascist salute. They subsequently formed one of the two main parties in the state.
And some who formed the other main party in the state executed IRA members when in government but got very pally latterly with some Nazis.

RTE had a show called Ireland's Nazis I think. Worth a watch if you get a chance.
Thank you for the answer! I remember that this "romance" was hard to understand to my grandfather.

I will try to do some posts, but it might be old or not that large as usual!


- Putin got backstabbed by his homies, only Luka-the-come-here-sit-on-my-lap supported Russia:


French seem to spread defeatism, do not know if it is because of Macron's diplomatic indolence or that they got caught with their pants down when they were picturing themselves as "Russia experts" (all their efforts failed)


I have seen some mentions on EU or NATO's lack of tools to defend member states. Well please familiarize yourself with the Art. 42 of The EU Treaty:

Article 42 (7) TEU states: If a Member State is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other Member States shall have towards it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power, in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

The only nuclear power in EU is France.


The Antonov factory in Kiev has been bombed (transport planes):


Some nice propaganda poster from UA (like the design, hoping they will not sue the author for copyrights):


Chelsea supporters are demonstrating their support:



This graph below says: "Daily number of the refugees crossing Polish border" - yes, this is Poland:



No words...


Some news to Biden lovers here in PROC ;)


I'll be back ;)
Figures of 1.8 or 1.9 million being bandied about for Ukrainian refugees in Poland now. It seems to be increasing by 100k a day still. Edit -just saw catcha has more precise figures above.

The city I'm in (former east Germany) has set up temporary accommodation for refugees but it's nowhere near capacity yet.
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