Rugby World Cup 2023

The difference between Schmidt and Farrell is the players are still performing for the latter. There's no reason to change it up. You'd have concerns about Lowe as I've mentioned and potentially VdF and Doris as they're slow to get going but the only other options to play instead of them will be watching the match on a barstool in West Cork.

The big test will come from their response to a loss.
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Anyone else think the journalism around the world Cup is a bit tabloid-esque?
Players being rested or rotated are "dropped". Seem to lose sight of the fact there's squads there and coaches manage players accordingly.
Latest one I saw is about Owen Farrell returning from suspension against Chile.
"Match winner Forde set to be sensationally dropped"
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15th Feb 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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