What a champ...


The goal of a real champion tonight after being robbed of one earlier by the linesman.
Oh and as for Ronaldo. Fookin quality, but then I've ben saying that for 7 or 8 years. Since about the time he tore arsenal a new one in the 4-2 at highbury in fact.

The Sfi get NO KUDOS from me for this one.!
I think Dan has enough friends around here to be given a reprieve.

Be silly of the forum to lose a quality poster over one silly comment................
It wasn't a silly comment though KD.

It was related to the way I harassed The Kilty Boy when he suggested in November that Spurs would finish fifth or sixth.

My conscience wouldn't be clear if I carried on.

I have an idea for a possible reprieve though which I'll come out with if/when Spurs fail.
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