Richard Keys and Andy Gray?

Richard Keys and Andy Gray?

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Keys is pretty wound up that he got sent to purdah and Redknapp got off scot-free :ROFLMAO:

Sure why the fuck would anything happen to Redknapp? It was Keys that was fawning over him riding someone. Poor ol Jamie looked pretty embarrassed at it. He's fallen by the wayside at Sky anyway it seems.

Lol at Keys thinking he isn't cancelled as he wrote that on a sand dune.
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A few extracts

I’ll never forget what a senior x-Mail journalist told me shortly after I’d left Sky. He called me because he was chasing a story. I was furious with him and let him have it. When I’d finished abusing him he said ‘we were told - bury them - and make sure nothing sticks to Redknapp’. Jamie wrote a column for them at the time. There’s a whole lot more to the story but that’s for another time.

My response to Jamie Redknapp was as a result of him telling me that night at Chelsea ‘I’ll be at your house when you get home - hanging out of the back of Julia and Jemma’. I wonder if this little nugget will get much traction? Somehow I doubt it.

What he said was edited from a carefully edited tape. ‘Hanging out of the back of….’ Redknapp’s phraseology. Not mine. I simply mimicked it. As I did with ‘smash it’. Does anyone seriously believe I’m childish enough to use phrases like that?
Wasn't it "you could go round hers any night and you (redknapp) would be hanging out the back of her"?

Selective memory from Gorilla Monsoon alright:

Souness even nudges him for it.
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