Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

John Wick 4 4\10

Still not finished it as its 2:40 long but its fair exhausting. Reeves is starting to show his age in fairness and you can clearly see the stunt guys waiting for him to move.

Looks great though
You're criticising a John Wick movie for being stupid?

Come on m8.

The Sacre Cours fight up the 220 steps was superb.

Its nonsense but entertaining nonetheless. Thought the 3rd one wasnt great but I enjoyed part 4.
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Scream VI Absolute load of shite / 10.
You can survive 97 stabbings.

The killers will look to be the same height when in scenes together or standing opposite the victims but they're not the same size at all. Oh and "all I had to do was get there early and swap the bodies"
"I stabbed him 24 times and shot him in the head" but I won't do any of that in this movie again.
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