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saw The Banshees of Inisherin last night - LOVVVVVED it.. 8/10.. wow.. acting, writing, cinematography etc superb.. (didn't see the need for the D'unbelievable lads but anyway).. And I saw it in The Triskel which was the perfect setting as its v much like a play.. reminded me of The Lonesome West... Been thinking about it all day.. so thought provoking - now thats the sign of a good movie.. and its a movie that everyone can relate to imo.. the basic human condition.. thought the humour might not be everyone's cuppa (loved it though.. )


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Life 6.5/10

Sci-fi thriller/horror in which the first samples of Mars soil brought back to the International Space Station are found by scientists on board to contain not just alien life, but life that grows rapidly, turns evil and becomes a killing machine.

Some big names in it but poor casting and minimal character development - also cogged lots of scenes from Aliens and Gravity, but a nonetheless very watchable piece of space terror.

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