Pubs reopening June 29th

Is The Sportsman's Arms on Bandon Road closed for good, does anyone know?

Apparently the Osho lads bought or are leasing the back smoking area of it and have opened a cocktail place called Gaia but The Sportman's itself remains shut. They were doing a ferocious amount of building work on it during one of the lockdowns - front door moved, place inside gutted out but it seems to have stopped.

It'd be a shame if it's closed for good - best pint of stout - Guinness, Beamish or Murphy's - on that stretch from Forde's to Flannery's.

I'm sure the old regulars of The Sportsman's will be delighted that their crystals, magic stone and tarot needs are finally being met.



Those guys want a serious beat down.

Have they ever been inside an actual pub?

The OSHO place is an abomination.

I've been to Osho two or three times - never stayed long enough to take much notice.

I'm curious as to which demographic they're going for though.

Not the Mok's/Southside/Gallows crowd for sure.

Students? Perhaps - looks a bit too pricey for the naggin and Lilt disciples though.

Syphon off some of the Tom Barry's or Bradley's/Abbey Tavern crowd? They'll have to work hard for it. Dennis from Bradley's/AbTav is running two of the best pubs in the city.
Tradehouse Central in Ballincollig. Never have I come across a more pretentious establishment in my life. If every pub was like this, it would be a lifetime of cans at home. 0/10

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