Pubs reopening June 29th


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I just met the Right Honorable B. McCabe OBE out walking his beautiful dog.

He had great things to say about the PROC and all the posters. With one exception. 😂😜


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East for a horse and west for a woman,
Beamish it the city and murphy in the county is all you need to know really .

There's a guy I work with who grew up on a farm told me that before. You and he are the only two I've ever heard that expression from. I wonder in which county did it originate?

Beamish in the city south of the river - only stingy guys watching the 20p difference used drink Beamish on the northside. At least in the pubs I used frequent anyway. Murphy's everywhere else in Cork, apart from rural rural god forsaken kips where they barely have running water or electricity. If it doesn't have the draw don't risk a stout.

I know they each have their fans and followers, and each have their own flavours, but for a good pint of each, I'd rate Murphy's superior to Beamish or Guinness. A bit sweeter, a bit lighter, and keeps Corkmen employed, and even better, northside 😇
Very seldom drink Beamish as there's usually Murphy's available there too. I drink Guinness when abroad in places like Kerry, or Dublin over the weekend as you couldn't trust the consistency of Murphy's even when it's available abroad.

Not wishing to embarrass myself by suggesting to my granny how to suck eggs but as you know stout needs a good draw.

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