Pubs reopening June 29th


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MOE is a nice guy .obscure and eccentric but a nice guy ,😁 and good company the few times I’ve met him and that’s all I’d say .
Doxxed by Benny, this is unchartered territory 😂

I genuinely didn't know that Benny knew who I was. But Benny sees all, and knows all.

And, did I mention, he runs the best pubs in the city.

Including (but not limited to) -

The Mutton Lane Inn
Sin E
Poor Relation Bar and Gro....

And you get the picture. ;)
Ah jimmy I'm just a plain old honest to god Cork city man. I know/knew most of the pubs in the city having played pool, don, or darts in many of them. MOE though seems to know pubs in westmeath and sligo and all kinds of spots outside of Cork.
East for a horse and west for a woman,
Beamish it the city and murphy in the county is all you need to know really .

The Stunning
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

29th Dec 2022 @ 7:00 pm
More info..

Art Picnic At Crawford

Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 11am

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