Public toilets cork city

Listening on radio to a discussion re the lack of public toilets in the city, An american tourist had an accident recently as he couldnt
find a public toilet, Why is it that a shower of scum bags who use these facilities for drug taking be allowed hold everybody else to
Have pay toilets with an attendant like many European countries.

And have an injection centre like countries who don't stick their fingers in their ears and shut their eyes about drug taking.

But that costs money, but sure we're already pissing money away with stupid projects like increasingly shabby looking robot trees.
I was in town yesterday with my fair maiden and needed to go. There’s no-where since Roches 😃 closed a while back. Luckily for me, a friend has a business in town so I can use that.

The Council close the public toilets rather than putting more pressure on the gardai to deal with the drug taking inside them.
It’s a catch 22 really. Do we want public toilets where the chances of a child seeing needles on the ground or is it better to have none at all? I use the ones in the Market, 20c cost but usually the person coming out will hold the door for you.
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