PROC Hurling League “Name the Winners” Competition 2024

Just a couple of things before I open nominations for the final

When you are nominating for Round 7 I also need the winning margin of your nomination ie Clare +3

This will be used to determine final placings if 2 or more posters finish level on points after Round 8 (our overall winner nomination)

If say Clare win by 3 points but no one involved in a tie chooses this score then I will use the next lowest margin ie 2 points win for Clare

Higher margins (ie Clare +4) will only come into play if all lower margins are inconclusive

If there still remains a two way tie after the above, where one poster nominates Kilkenny and one nominates Clare for the final, the poster with the winning team will gain the higher placing

In the event of 2 or more posters still remaining tied after all the above, final placings will be determined by current placings on the table

League Dinisions for 2025 will be determined by 2024 placings

*Top 12 play in Division 1 and remaining entrants in Division 2.

Division 1 can be increased to ensure equal numbers in both divisions

All New entrants next year will play in Division 2.
One week to go lads

Remember to read the above before nominating
Leaderboard after Round 6 with nominations for Round 7 and current placings for 2025

54 finbarrog
52 Crankycorner
Clare +4
50 Killyoursons
50 AllCork32
50 gallant1
50 Vladimir the Bear
50 Red October
50 Pooman
50 cactus jack
50 JCB2311
50 The Bandit
48 red&blue

Division 2
48 Corktillidie
48 timeshine
46 HurlingFan19
42 hurley68
42 greengrass
40 corkuberalles
39 rebel boy
38 Harroukka
36 bluesball
22 North Cork Star
16 Thistlecrack
0 hurlingben
0 Gregory Mike
0 Northcorkman
King K
Clancys, 15-16 Princes St.

3rd May 2024 @ 10pm
More info..

Tessa Rose Jackson (fka Someone)

St. Peters Cork, Tomorrow @ 8pm

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