PROC Hurling League ‘Name the Winner’s’ Competition 2023

Leaderboard after Round 5

56 King Dino 34
54 The long road
54 HurlingFan19
54 Rovers Fan
53 North Cork Star
52 Pooman
52 Leesider
Cork Limerick
50 bluesball Limerick Cork
50 Vladimir the Bear Limerick Kilkenny
48 Gallant1 Cork Tipperary
48 Herbert Cork Tipperary
48 cactus Jack
48 Bonbon
48 Red October
48 Corktillidie
46 Hurley68
46 Gregory Mike
Limerick Cork
46 The Bandit
46 thistlecrack
Limerick Kilkenny
46 Fandango
46 AllCork32
46 rebel boy
Limerick Cork
44 corkuberalles
44 red&blue
Tipperary Kilkenny
35 Killyoursons
21 eggbasket
17 mathuna
15 Horse of Gold
7 Crankycorner
0 rebel without a caus
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Entrants so far and their winning nominations​

red&blue (Kilkenny)
Pooman (Tipperary)
Hurley68 (Cork)
Crankycorner (Kilkenny)
Gregory Mike (Waterford)
Bonbon 12 (Waterford)
AllCork32 (Wexford)
Gallant1 (Waterford)
bluesball (Kilkenny)
Herbert (Galway)
rebel boy (Limerick)
leesider (Waterford)
cactus Jack (Tipperary)
rebel without a cause (Galway)
Horse of Gold (Waterford)
Thistlecrack (Limerick)
corkuberalles (Galway)
Fandango (Galway)
HurlingFan19 (Cork)
Killyoursons (Galway)
The Bandit (Galway)
Corktillidie (Waterford)
eggbasket (Kilkenny)
Red October (Cork)
Rovers Fan (Kilkenny)
mathuna (Kilkenny)
The long road (Cork)
King Dino (Galway)
Vladimir The Bear (Kilkenny)
North Cork Star (Galway)
A reminder of our winning nominations
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5th May 2024 @ 10:00 pm
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