PROC Hurling Championship 2024 “Name the Winners” Competition

Munster: Limerick
Leinster: Kilkenny
All Ireland: Cork

Wexford v Dublin - Wexford
Antrim v Kilkenny - Kilkenny
Galway v Carlow - Galway
Clare v Limerick - Limerick
Waterford v Cork - Cork

Entrants and their winning nominations

(m) Cork, (l) Kilkenny (ai) Clare
Vladimir the Bear (m) Limerick, (l) Kilkenny, (ai) Limerick
Crankycorner (m) Clare, (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
cactus jack (m) Cork, (l) Galway, (ai) Cork
tom_7ate9 (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
bluesball (m) Cork (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
rebel boy (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
Blackagusamber (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
Gregory Mike (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Clare
corkuberalles (m) Limerick (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
greengrass (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
The Bandit (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Cork
AllCork32 (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
gallant1 (m) Limerick (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
HurlingFan19 (m) Cork (l) Galway (ai) Cork
Corktillidie (m) Cork, (l) Galway, (ai) Clare
Red October (m) Cork (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
finbarrog (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
timeshine (m) Cork (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
North Cork Star (m) Limerick (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
Fandango (m) Limerick (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
Killyoursons (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Kilkenny
JCB2311 (m) Limerick (l) Lilkenny (Al) Cork
Leaderboard after Round 1

Liam McCarthy Cup 2025
9 Crankycorner
9 finbarrog
7 red&blue
7 Vladimir the Bear
7 cactus jack
7 bluesball
7 rebel boy
7 Blackagusamber
7 corkuberalles
7 greengrass
7 The Bandit

Joe McDonagh Cup 2025
7 timeshine
7 North Cork Star
7 Killyoursons
7 JCB2311
5 Gregory Mike
5 AllCork
5 Gallant1
5 HurlingFan19
5 Corktillidie
5 Red October
5 Fandango
0 tom_7ate9
0 The Bandit
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Nominations now open for Round 2

Saturday 27 April
Antrim v Wexford
Carlow v Dublin

Sunday 28 April
Cork v Clare
Limerick v Tipperary
Galway v Kilkenny

Just a reminder when nominating please do so all on one line with no commas, as the example below, it really makes things easier for me

Antrim Carlow Cork Limerick Galway
Tom Ward
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

1st Nov 2024 @ 7:00 pm
More info..

Ricky Kelleher

Dwyers Of Cork, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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