PROC Hurling Championship 2024 “Name the Winners” Competition

Entrants and their winning nominations

(m) Cork, (l) Kilkenny (ai) Clare
Vladimir the Bear (m) Limerick, (l) Kilkenny, (ai) Limerick
Crankycorner (m) Clare, (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
Cactus Jack (m) Cork, (l) Galway, (ai) Cork
tom_7ate9 (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
bluesball (m) Cork (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
rebel boy (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
Blackagusamber (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Limerick
Gregory Mike (m) Clare (l) Kilkenny (ai) Clare
corkuberalles (m) Limerick (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
greengrass (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
The Bandit (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Cork
AllCork32 (m) Limerick (l) Galway (ai) Limerick
gallant1 (m) Limerick (l) Kilkenny (ai) Cork
Guys, not at all cribbing but this is something I meant to ask at the beginning

it would be a big help going foward if ye could nominate like the bit in bold below, no abbreviations, no commas, just the counties name

it would mean me just copying and pasting yer nominations without having to edit them! No prob if any of ye want to make my life harder though 🤣🤣🤣

Cheers lads

Wexford Kilkenny Galway Limerick Cork

Ps it doesn’t have to be in bold, that’s just for affect 🤣
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Nominations for Round 1 and current standings

Liam McCarthy Cup 2025
Vladimir the Bear
Wexford Kilkenny Galway Limerick Waterford
Cactus Jack
rebel boy
Wexford Kilkenny Galway Limerick Cork
Blackagusamber Wexford, Kilkenny, Galway, Clare, Cork
Gregory Mike Wexford Kilkenny Galway Clare Cork
corkuberalles Wexford Kilkenny Galway Limerick Cork

Joe McDonagh Cup 2025
greengrass Wexford Kilkenny Galway Limerick Cork
The Bandit
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Stand-up Comedy Club: Low-key Funny

The Roundy, Today @ 8:30pm

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