PROC Cork Senior Hurling ’Name the Winners’ Competition 2022

Leaderboard after Round 5

32 The Outdoor Threadmill
30 Honest Rebel
30 marion96 (Barrs)
28 red&blue (Barrs)
28 Fandango (Barrs)
28 Omar
28 thistlecrack (Rockies)
26 rebelwithoutacause
26 The Bandit
26 timeshine (Rockies)
26 finbarrog (Barrs)
26 The long road (Rockies)
24 corkuberalles (Rockies)
24 gallant 1 (Rockies)
24 cactus Jack (Rockies)
24 snoppd
22 North Cork Star (Barrs)
22 Vladimir the Bear (Rockies)
20 bluesball (Barrs)
20 HurlingFan19 (Barrs)
20 Mad GAA Man
20 HighHorse (Rockies)
20 roversfan
16 Red Rebel 1 (Rockies)
9 eggbasket
3 Thehighroad
0 Cork1990
0 minstrel
A reminder of our winning nominations

The long road (Sarsfields)
Cork1990 (Sarsfields)
cactus jack (Midleton)
Thehighroad (Sarsfields)
The Outdoor Threadmill (Sarsfields)
Gallant1 (Sarsfields)
North Cork Star (Sarsfields)
Minstrel (Blackrock)
eggbasket (Kanturk)
bluesball (Kanturk)
Thistlecrack (Blackrock)
red&blue (St Finbarrs)
Fandango (Glen Rovers)
HurlingFan19 (Glen Rovers)
snoppd (Douglas)
Vladimir the Bear (Sarsfields)
corkuberalles (Glen Rovers)
rebel without a caus (Douglas)
BBAWS (Sarsfields)
The Bandit (Sarsfields)
finbarrog (Sarsfields)
Honest Rebel (Imokilly)
Red Rebel 1 (Sarsfields)
Omar (Glen Rovers)
Maroon96 (St Finbarrs)
High Horse (Sarsfields)
Mad GAA Man (Imokilly)
Roversfan (Sarsfields)
timeshine (Midleton)
JPM (Midleton)
A Rockies win will see Thisltelcrack as champion. Minstrel was the only other entrant to choose the Rockies but he never participated afterwards.

Only 2 chose the Barrs as champions as well so a Barrs win will see Maroon pip myself to the title (a loss I’ll gladly accept 😀)

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27th Oct 2023 @ 7:00 pm
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