Party Slogans for next general election

Sinn Fein: "Whatever you are having yourself"

Labour: "Don't you forget about me"

Fine Gael: "You know you want to"

Greens: "It is for your own good"

Fine Fail: "It wasn't me"

Peeple B4 Profit: "Just hand it over"

Rural Alliance: "Turf cutting after Mass"

Aontu: "We are going back to the 1980's"

National Party: "No one is welcome"
FG - Ireland's national conservatives
FF - aren't FG great all the same?
Labour - please vote for us
PBP - everyone who has gives to everyone who hasn't - no equal sharing
SD - Holly Cairns
Rural Indies - what did you put on your shopping list MHR, I'll have to check Mattie
SF - 34% and we can't be in government - grand suits us.
Greens - twas great while it lasted

The Lee Sessions Trad Trail
Sin É, Coburg St

29th Sep 2023 @ 6:30 pm
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Dan O'Keeffe

JJ Walshs, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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