Olivers army goes bang,

Elvis costello says he will no longer sing the song, and has asked radio stations not to play it, He says not
playing it is better than bleeping out the "N" word,

Hank Scorpio

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Saw him in Kilkenny in 2001, superb performer.

The policing of language is idiotic.

The song is a stinging critique of British colonialism. If you find the term 'white nigger' offensive then youve completely missed the thrust of the song.

Hank Scorpio

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I think he'd watched 12 years a slave and made the ham fisted comparison.

For balance Eamon Ryan got slated for dropping the N bomb in the Dail. As I recall he was saying it was an unacceptable word to use. Which only highlights the idiocy of trying to police language.

Context is everything.

For instance if I say everyone who uses the term 'nigger' as a derogatory term to people of colour is a disgusting racist is this a controversial or unacceptable use of language?

You cannot just say word X is taboo and is not to be used in any circumstances.

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