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So this may turn into a big story , it may not.

The long story short is that a trainer and former fighter James Krause bet large sums of money against fighters he coached in large sums and at short notice.

In a particular on a very recent fight between Shayilan Nuerdanbieke and Darrick Minner,who was trained by Krause .
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Shayilan Nuerdanbieke Vs Darrick Minner

There was a fight that had some controversy afterwards, which was a featherweight fight between Shayilan Nuerdanbieke and Darrick Minner. It had nothing to do with what actually happened in the fight. Watching it live, it appeared that Minner suffered a knee injury early in the fight, which led to Nuerdanbieke getting an early finish in just 67 seconds. Everything seemed normal in that it was just an unfortunate injury that led to an early finish.

However, the next day it came out that the fight was under investigation after suspicious betting on the fight was detected. Several sportsbooks in multiple states reported suspicious late wagering coming in on the fight, all on Nuerdanbieke. In the four hours before the fight took place, Nuerdanbieke went from a -220 favorite to a -420 favorite, which is a dramatic swing, especially so close to the fight taking place. Not only that, there was a lot of wagering coming in on the fight going less than 2.5 rounds, and more coming in on the fight ending by knockout in the first round. Sportsbooks grew suspicious and contacted U.S. Integrity. The betting didn't stop until the fight started, despite the odds getting so large, which just increased suspicions.
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The UFC released a statement on Monday saying their betting integrity partner, Don Best Sports, would conduct a thorough review of the facts and report its findings, but they had no reason to believe either fighter or anyone associated with their teams behaved in an unethical or irresponsible manner.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story, though, is Minner's head coach James Krause. Krause hosts an MMA betting podcast and has a Discord channel where he gives out betting advice on fights. He has publicly claimed he's made more money betting on fights than he made as a fighter. The UFC announced on 10/17 that fighters and their teams were prohibited from wagering on fights. Sometime before then, Krause was removed from being a co-host on ESPN's MMA betting show, and, while nothing has publicly come out saying this is true, there have been lots of rumors going around that Krause was trying to set up fighters with offshore betting accounts where he would make wagers on fights for them and take a percentage of the profits, while paying back any losses, which sounds like a dangerous scheme. This was all going on around the time the UFC sent out the memo prohibiting betting on fights.

A source with Minner's camp told ESPN that Minner's left knee was absolutely injured going into the fight. Joey Odessa, a longtime MMA oddsmaker, told ESPN that all of the late betting didn't mean the fix was in, but rather someone definitely knew something. It seems very clear that word got out somehow about Minner's knee injury and people took advantage of it, and it was very likely Nuerdanbieke had nothing to do with the situation. Whatever else happens remains to be seen, but there are a lot of signs that at least someone on Minner's side had something to do with the late surge in betting.

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If he isn’t caught this fight then he will be in his next. Cant seem him going on an impressive winning streak.
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