Official Cork City FC/LOI thread!

Handy 3 points didnt expect that ,good goal they got too with their only shot on target against the 8 men of rovers who dominated the ball still with 8 lads against 11 and had city camped on their box up to the end
Jesus, that’s a bad look.

Rovers fans can be absolute vermin, mo issue with the city fans slagging them but stuff about a sick kid is way over the line.

Wannabe Milwall scum. Took the young fella in a few weeks ago. Wouldn’t be in a hurry to go back. Clowns.
Not a lot to get excited about with City at the moment. Between this kind of behaviour a clueless owner and the fact every promising youngster leaves the club in jig time to be replaced mostly by journeymen one wonders what the point is.
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