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Hello all,

I've come to this specific forum in search of a Cork City FC 89-91 home jersey. I am from New York and was lucky enough to study abroad at UCC in the spring of last year. Although my trip was cut short due to Covid, I was able to attend a few Cork City games and fell in love with the team and the environment. European football brings a joy and excitement that American soccer just can't match. I came across an image of the 89-91 home kit a few days ago and have been searching for one to purchase ever since. I've had no luck in finding one and have heard that they are pretty rare to come across. I thought that this would be the best place to come to look for one or to find some guidance on where I might be able to find one. I appreciate your time and hope that I can get back to Cork in the near future!
Jesus.. the only thing worse than the commentary on LOI TV is the camera work.

The game vs Bray isn't 11 minutes in and has already been stopped 4 times over flares been thrown onto the pitch.
Danny Dineen
JJ Walshs, 64 Oliver Plunkett St.

17th Mar 2024 @ 10:00 pm
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Bermuda County Council

Dwyers Of Cork, Today @ 9:30pm

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