Official Boxing Thread

Ah well.

I'm not actually convinced this was an elbow tbh.

But if it was, it would highlight the danger of sparring with a guy who crosses over into MMA.

Also, a little surprising that he was sparring with a guy who was 6ft 6, when Usyk is only 6ft 3. But maybe he's got a few sparring partners on rotation.

At the end of the first fight tonight the winner, Uzbek lad called Madrimov, let out a big long rant in Arabic/Russian.

TV interviewer says to his translator “can you translate what he said”

Translator literally asks the Uzbek guy if he can translate what he just said.

Yer man gives it a go and starts to translate his own speech into English 😂
I like Francis he’s a game lad and has been through a tough road to get to where he is and genuinely seems like a nice fella but putting him at this level makes a mockery of the whole thing, he’s a very good MMA fighter and I’d like to see him back at that.

I know we live in a world were this rubbish sells but I’d love to see the sport go back to just putting legit boxers on the big cards.
One of mine is claiming the result was a fix and Francis took a dive lol.

No it wasn't.

I'm sure Joshua would get battered by him under MMA rules but boxing is a totally different art.

AJ just has a punch, Francis has many more techniques to rely on in an octagon.
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