Obviously An Aprils Fools

On the day Anglo Irish Post a €12.7bn loss and announce that they won't be pursuing directors loans ( whilst still paying them pension!!:evil::evil: ) and gave the bosses than ran up the losses a €16mn bonus all of which the government in our name and with our cash are funding...

To try and get some money back the government again in our name are targeting OAPs to pay back a pension that they now feel was given by mistake


Surely this is a wind up
I cant understand why the Criminal Assets Bureau isnt expanded to incorporate the monies owed to now government banks. If it can incorporate tax offenders then it could certainly get involved with ceasing all of the assets of the rogue bankers and developers and let them rot with the clothes on their back in a hole somewhere

I Read the article and am fairly shocked to see that the new board of Anglo are simply settling on the response that the ex board members simply do not have the cash to pay back the loans and at the same time accept a huge pension from the bank

Compare this with a recent story of a widowed lady that had to pay a portion of her pension on a weekly pension to pay off a tax settlement that she inherited from her deceased husband
Do something about it.

Join the counter protest at the GPO this Sunday when the fat oaf Cowen and useless president will be attending.

Give FF a message, the Irish people are not going to lie down, We didnt do it in 1916 and we wont do it in 2010.
Ireland's giving a quarter of a billion to Greece as well.

Personally I'd prefer to see that spent on digging Ireland out of its own mire, but I'm sure the Greeks will be delighted. Shur what's another quarter of a billion to us at this stage, I suppose.

*hangs head, palms face*

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