O2 Network Coverage Blackspot South City?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has been having trouble with 02 network coverage in south city? i've been having problems for the last two days with smartphone and broadband cover. Can't make or receive calls/ texts and broadband not working either. Regular old Nokia moblie (not smartphone) works fine tho. Live round Windmill Road/ High Street area.... seems to be radius to Douglas Street and up part of Ballinlough Road where not working. Once past these places phone works fine again. Getting no satisfaction from O2 who say network is fine....just wondering if anyone else having problems
I have 02 broadband not far from you and I have noticed its gone worse last few weeks -its always been shit but Im thinkin its not worth 5 euros a week now
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

25th Apr 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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