NFL 2023 24 Season

49ers will be hurting today, but again their inability to effectively curtail running offenses came back to haunt them in OT. Think Shanahan's PTSD from 2018 SB might have been a factor too, even if he wasn't HC of the Falcons.

Chiefs should be stronger next season with more salary cap space to work with (theoretically enabling them to sign better players) and a few higher round draft picks than 2023. But they could be losing Kelce and a few more, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. Mahomes is a must-watch though, how long before the NFL and networks develop a player-cam specifically for him?

Just six months until it all starts again: Philly v Cleveland in Sao Paulo being lined up for the opening night kickoff.
Only just seeing that Peter King is retiring. Loved reading his columns every Monday. I know he wasn't everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed his reportage and interactions with readers. He'll be missed.
Special Guest Award Winning Ray Harrington - Danny Ryan
City Limits, Coburg St.

20th Apr 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Tim Mullane

The Welcome Inn, Tomorrow @ 10:30pm

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