NFL 2023 24 Season

Not the best, not the worst. Was pretty drab up until middle 3rd quarter and then had a close ending. Refs were good I felt, nothing to report which is want you want.

SF: ooof. This core has some excellent players and Shanahan is a good coach. Top tier organisation. You can't really say much here, they just got beaten by the bounce of a ball with the punt turnover. It sucks balls, they likely deserved to win but just didn't get there. If they can keep this core they are a safe pick to contend next year. Cmc, Deebo, Kittle, a solid OLine and Purdy definitely never looked out of his depth. A top tier defensive unit too. Retaining players will be a big thing for them.

The only real place you could upgrade to match kc is Purdy and he isn't actually even bad.

KC: Dynasty - Mahomes get the MVP award which is really more of just a QB participation award now. Stat line reads nicely after the fact but really Bullock was the offensive star for most of the game.

KC really shouldn't have been in this but the game was a reflection of their season. Dysfunctional offense bailed out by impressive defense until finally the offence gets it right. It is scary to think how poorly this offense played this year and yet they still won it all. Upgrade at WR and you're immediately favourites next year.

We'll leave it there so.
TIL Kansas City is in Missouri not Kansas!
I guess it's like Limerick Junction being in Tipperary.

Very enjoyable game.
Very brave of the 49ers to go for the 4th down play which they made by inches.

Bad luck for a punt return doink and a missed point after attempt to play such a pivotal part. Just shows the importance of special teams.
75 minutes of action in 4 hours 20 minutes is a bit tedious though.
Glad to be wfh so got 5 hours sleep instead of 3.
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