New Boxing Club in Midleton.....

Hope the admins don't mind me posting this here, but it's a big deal (I think) and a badly needed club in the town down's a little announcement we'll have in papers etc next week....

It's Official!

Midleton Boxing Club is now fully affiliated with the I.A.B.A. Brendan O’Shea and I attended our first Cork County Board Meeting last night where we were welcomed with open arms.

We’d like to clarify a few things. Firstly we are fortunate in that we already have top class training facilities for the Club, while most other clubs are just using local halls etc. However, the Train Station Gym and the Boxing Club will be run as completely separate entities.
The Train Station Gym is our business, but the boxing club will be run as a not for profit organistaion, and will have completely separate bank accounts, which we are more than happy to make available to anybody who would like to look over them.
We and other coaches will be giving our time for the kids and adults who join as we all appreciate the benefits of having a boxing club in a town like Midleton, and personally speaking, as a teenager, boxing really helped keep me on the straight and narrow!

There will be some small costs to register boxers with the IABA, and so we will have a registration fee, but we will keep this as low as possible. If there are people who can genuinely cannot afford this, then we will do our best to accommodate them. We’re in this for the love of the sport, not the money! We have already paid the affiliation fee of €665 out of our own pockets, an amount that’s not to be sneezed at in this day and age.

The next and most important thing, we need boxers, boys and girls. We are going to start from ages 10 and up initially. However, if somebody a little younger is mature and genuinely interested, then we will be delighted to take them in also.
We also need some man-power and other volunteers to help with coaching. At the moment we have only 3 of us, and if we’re dealing with large numbers, then we will need some extra help. If you boxed or know somebody who boxed previously, and would be interested in coaching with us, we would be absolutely delighted to have ye on board. We are putting names forward for the IABA Coaches course in the next few weeks.

So lets spread the word and put Midleton Boxing Club on the map!

"Protect Yourself at all Times"

Des Ryan,
Chairman, Midleton Boxing Club
Cheers lads. We're hopeful that we'll get a good few competing out of here. Already have a few people with 15+ years boxing experience coming on board to help the coaching.

It's really something every town should have......great to instill confidence, discipline and encourage a healthy lifestyle with younger kids especially. Plus, not everybody is into soccer/gaa/rugby, so it'll be a good alternative to have.

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