I know people talk the talk about our history having a sub-conscious effect - to what extent is that true?

This question goes to Number 3.

HM83 - I get your points, but the only perspective I can look at it from is mine. I live in a quite spacious 3-bed house with a private garden in quite central London. For 2 of us to buy something, it would be a tiny, pokey flat in a dodgy area.

To put myself under financial pressure to raise the deposit for that really isn't worth it, imo.
I like the idea of having my own place (if only so I could decorate as I see fit!), but I don't understand people who jump through rings of fire to get it.

Well I live in charleville so house prices aren't quite what they are in london. I can get a good house for €300,000.
Every so often, I have an urge to own a property, mostly because I feel I could make it mine, develop my own garden and all. The property would have my stamp and my character.

Then I realise I could live off a backpack, so I the urge goes.
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