Music Downloaders be warned!!

In what has been billed as a world first, four music companies and internet server provider Eircom have agreed to work together to end illegal music downloading.

The settlement brought to an end an eight-day trial in which the music companies were suing Eircom as the country's largest internet service provider - over illegal downloading.

The four music companies have agreed to provide Eircom with the IP addresses of internet users detected illegally uploaded or downloading music.

For its part Eircom is agreeing to implement a three-step process - informing a subscriber if their IP address has been detected infringing copyright, warning the subscriber that if they do not stop they will be disconnected, and finally disconnecting the user if fail to heed the warning.

EMI Managing Director and Chair of IRMA Willie Kavanagh says he is delighted that a settlement has been reached and that the four music companies involved - EMI, Warner, Sony, and Universal - will now be looking to have similar arrangements put in place with the rest of the country's internet service providers.
Its a load of piss. Bittorrent encrypt data on tranmission over a network as do most other p2p clients, so big brother can see and do feck all.

If filesharing was stopped they would lose most of their high end customers. All they need to do is block restrictions to well known tracker sites isohunt, demonoid etc. It's as easy as pushing a button for them. But they will never do it.
don't use torrents anyway - i use 'News' sites - big difference and not 'Illegal' well far as I know 'News' is not illegal, least not yet anyway...

and sure then theres always proxies and peer guardian.... and the soon to come out Pirate Bay encryption.....

Then ye can go to paranoid level if ye like and vpn/ssh tunnel - fecking find that if ye can ...

feck the do sprout some shite - as TMDM says - this is Eircom were talking about and how are they gonna track random allocated i.p's anyway? I must get at least 10 - 15 diffrent I.P.'s a nightly session.....

fecking ejits...
Set your torrent client to randomize the port for incoming connections with every start. They'll only monitor the obvious.

I hope.

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