Matthew McConaughey on Norton

I think the problem with the Graham Norton show and even Johnathon Ross is that all the guests are expected to be funny and 'in on the gag'. When they don't meet that criteria they come across as cranky or up themselves. They should actually watch these shows before going on.
I thought he was grand altogether....

I watched it and thought he came across fine also.

Good point made by strict though. We all expect the guests to come out and be part of some sort of threesome jokey type interview as we know the the way the shows goes and expect all guests to just fall into it. But the Graham Norton show is probably not like many others tbf. Not all guests might be ready for that and takes them a bit to ease into it, if they actually want to that is. By then the show is over.

I don't understand how someone could say he came across as up himself..:confused:

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