Liz Hurley and her fella


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Or should I say son! Now, Liz is top top totty but this has gotten creepy af.

He added that Elizabeth taught him about sex when he was 'ludicrously young', insisting that it is a 'beautiful and natural' act, but banning him from watching violence in films.

The mother and son's relationship has raised eyebrows in the past, especially after Elizabeth revealed the secret photographer behind her seemingly endless stream of bikini Instagram posts was in fact Damian.

She made the revelation after uploading a series of sizzling holiday snaps of herself braless and in a bikini for Valentine's Day in 2018, but many were unsure how to take her confession, with several branding the relationship 'weird'.

But Damian insisted he didn't understand why people found it strange, declaring: 'It’s business. We don’t think about it for any more than point, press, done, post.'

Detailing their relationship, he explained that the pair were more like 'siblings' than parent and child, because it was just the two of them as he was growing up, admitting that their closeness has been even more acute and vital in recent years.

Think I first spotted Liz in the film 'Bedazzled'.

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