Leinster Rugby player Nick McCarthy Comes Out as Gay

Who would they be now?

And yes, if it makes it easier for other players, great.

But yesterday I was watching a woman from a gay alliance group (can't remember which one) talking about marching in the Paddy's day parade in 1992, and getting pelted by a bottle. OF course there are probably still some bigots who would do that today, but as a country we're a million miles away from that sort of intolerance.

We had a gay Taioseach a few years ago and hardly anyone gave a damn. That would not be possible 30 years ago.
I think his statement was referring to young lads thinking the sport wouldn’t be for them or whatever.


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It’s a fucking huge deal and deserves more publicity, there are 3 including McCarthy openly gay professional rugby players in the world…….so it’s a big deal, he deserves huge respect and the fact that Leinster have been so positive and supportive is a huge thing
Well said jf. There will be a time eventually when it isn’t a big deal, but given how few males in professional sport are openly gay, that time isn’t now. Fair play to Nick McCarthy and for his teammates being so supportive of him.

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