Leinster Rugby player Nick McCarthy Comes Out as Gay


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I say fair play to him. Can’t be easy even in 2022 as men’s team sport is still pretty homophobic in its culture. I know rugby is way better than soccer in this regard, but still. He’s got great support from his teammates who he came out to in January and his manager and coaches.

McCarthy (formerly of Munster in case being a Leinster player is just unforgivable lol) is the only Irish professional rugby player to come out as gay and only a tiny handful of male Irish sportsmen to come out publicly.

Link to article:

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No one should care in this day and age what sexuality any one is. Fair.play to him for Coming out but it hardly registers on people's radar these days .
Exactly Herb, no one gives a shit what a persons sexuality is., which is the way it should be. And if they do, they're a sad cunt.

Story is two days old, I saw it on SSN, and it barely registered. Again, the way it should be.
“It doesn’t mean anything”

He didn’t do it for the old lads on message boards with multiple accounts ffs. Fair play to him, as he says if him declaring this makes it easier for any kids looking for someone that’s gone through it then it’s worthwhile.
As someone told yer man Dunne, who announced he’s bi, “it doesn’t matter who you’re shagging, as long as you’re shagging”. Bi doesn’t mean he plays both sides of the scrum. That’s Porter.

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“It doesn’t mean anything”

He didn’t do it for the old lads on message boards with multiple accounts ffs.
Who would they be now?

And yes, if it makes it easier for other players, great.

But yesterday I was watching a woman from a gay alliance group (can't remember which one) talking about marching in the Paddy's day parade in 1992, and getting pelted by a bottle. OF course there are probably still some bigots who would do that today, but as a country we're a million miles away from that sort of intolerance.

We had a gay Taioseach a few years ago and hardly anyone gave a damn. That would not be possible 30 years ago.

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