late late now

Haven't watched the LL under Kielty aside from a quite watchable toy show. Heaven knows why it isn't on at 6:30 at night if kids are it's target market or is it more about the cash appeal?

Suffice to say outside of one show the feedback and viewing figures on the rest has been overwhelmingly negative. Which leads me to think it should be culled to maybe 6 decent themed shows a year.

Maybe a show on up and coming musicians, writers, actors etc. The public doesn't need to be subjected to seeing Francis Brennan, Vogue Washing Powder, Brendan O Carroll and the same few regulars every couple of weeks.
Tom Odell
Live At The Marquee

25th Jun 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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DJ Val

Crane Lane Theatre, Today @ 11:30pm

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