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Lets say the roles were reversed and Andrew Mcginley had been the killer and his wife was due to go on LLS
but his family wrote to rte to object, what would public opinion be?
If the husband had even the killer he would most likely have finished off the wife aswell.
Pat Kenny was the same, even before the LLS when he had Kenny Live or whatever it was called. There was usually a "Freak of the Week" section (they didn't call it that) where he would dim the lights and someone from an industrial school or who had been sexually abused by a priest or whatever would come in and cough up a lung for the audience.

Absolute Eagles - A Tribute To The Eagles
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

22nd Jan 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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The Story Of A Three-day Pass (Nc)

Triskel Arts Centre, Today @ 5pm

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