Korea ferry accident

Awful stuff.

Rescuers are hammering on the upturned hull of a capsized South Korean ferry hoping for a response from those trapped inside.

They believe 287 people, mostly teenage schoolchildren, are trapped after the vessel started sinking more than 24 hours ago.

Of the 475 passengers and crew on the vessel, nine are listed as dead and 179 have been rescued, according to the South Korean government.


Did I hear right on the news, that the ship is completely under water and there is people texting family from inside?

Awful news to hear, between this and that flight.
Once again like the Costa Concordia the captain was one of the first people out.

The captain of the ship, Lee Joon-seok (69) faces a criminal investigation, coastguard officials said, amid unconfirmed reports that he was one of the first to jump to safety from the stricken vessel.
One official said authorities were investigating whether the captain had indeed abandoned the vessel early and one of the charges he faced was violating a law that governs the conduct of shipping crew.
Many survivors told local media that Mr Lee was one of the first to be rescued, although none actually saw him leave the ship. The coastguard and the ferry operator declined comment.
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