Ireland finally reaches population level same as pre famine

Erra we have some amount of donkeys in Dail Eirinn

Theres a good article in this months Foreign Policy about how centrists in Danish politics have gazumped the far right with immigration policy as thats what their population want.

Blindly sleepwalking into the problems that have been created by inward migration in other European countries isn't just stupid and reckless its a total abdication of responsibility from our political class.

Easier to ignore whats coming down the track and pump money into unrepresentative NGOs.

This country has gone bonkers, or rather the permitted discourse in media has. Immigration caps/controls are completely normal, practised by most nations.

Who is funding all these? Or maybe some are defunct and INAR never bothered updating it?

A lot of the ones on this page only have a facebook with half a dozen members. Have we gone mental?

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