Interview Questions

Have a few interviews next week...

Just wondering what kinda questions they usually throw at ya...
like where do you see yourself in *some number of years* time
or what are your positive and negative points...


It's for engineering, particularly process control, both design engineering but with management training...

just have not much idea what, apart from the general questions, they might ask
Scipio Africanus said:
The 'cello, eh?

That's a very big instrument for such a small lady.


i'm not small!!
5'8 i am..

*evil eye to Scipio*

played it from when i was 7 til i was 15...
i lusted after another girl in the made me play a LOT better..
Just find out as much as you can about the job. In my experience the most unexpected questions are when they pull out some aspect of the position that you didn't know about and ask if you think you'd enjoy it / be capable of doing it.

And just be unflappable. They will probably ask you at least one completely unforeseeable question to see how you deal with it. I was asked straight up in my last interview what football club I supported, and there I was worrying about making the right amount of eye contact and remembering how to sell myself. The bastards.
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11th Sep 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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