In my support of russia

When ireland was being bombed and attacked by our big neighbour, britain, where was the world for us? america surely wasnt there, neither france or any of NATO, the country that did supply us with guns and training was russia well back then the soviet union.

Why didnt america help us? cause their wallets relied on it, most of american congress at the time was irish, they ditched their old ancestry

Its the same reason today, america supports ukraine because their wallets rely on it, america doesnt care about ukranians in all reality im sure the cia were thrilled to see the eastern europeans kill each other, however the americans turnt a blind eye for when britain was bombing and killing irish civilians, it was only russia that sent guns and supplies to ireland so i say ireland should support russia and not fight alongside the british
You forgot the word my support of mother Russia
Luke Combs Uk
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

14th Jun 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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