ID to?

Hiya lads...

sorry for my absence, and my return only to ask a question, but:

is there an ID card for irish citizens? I need to send off me passport to the UK driving licence authority, but i need to travel to ireland during the time it's been sent away..

is there an ID card i can get from ireland that will allow me to travel (by air)

hope yer all well

First warning is that it depends on your airline, so you'd want to check out their policies.

For the main ones flying between Ireland and the UK

Ryanair will only accept passports and driving licences and they must be in date

Aer Lingus will also accept ISIC cards, bus passes and work ID with your name and photo. Again all documentation must be in date.

Aer Arann allow the same as Aer Lingus with a few extras again, but they tend to be things like military ID that are unlikely to apply to you anyway.
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