Ian Bailey ?

"The truth in this case lies in France and in tracking down the unknown person who left a blood sample at the murder scene.

"That was the only blood that was not Sophie's and more than likely belonged to the killer."

Did they get a dna profile from the blood sample?
Nah - Paddy is rough but Powers is barely a step above it and just behind Jemmy. Red Breast or Black Barrel would be much better whiskeys imho
Have to disagree with your sliding scale. There is a world of difference between Paddy and everything else. Had Red Breast one or twice and didn't like it. Got 2 bottles of BB before Christmas for €33 each (score of the year) and am enjoying a nip every so often. My favourite is Power's 3 swallow........so there. I'll be honest and state that if a bottle costs over €50 I couldn't enjoy it.
Eoin Jordan & Stan Notte
The Richmond Revival, College Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61 T292

11th May 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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