How many Pride weekends are there?


The organisers of Cork Pride have defended their sponsorship deal with a pharma giant which tried unsuccessfully to block patient access to cheaper generic HIV drugs.

The team running Cork Pride this week insisted they will not cancel the deal with Gilead despite Green Party criticism yesterday. Kery Mullaly, a member of the organising committee, insisted that Pride’s links with Gilead were forged in part from requests by LGBT employees within the company and he also described the Green Party’s intervention as “counterproductive and negative”. Gilead, a US firm which has a facility in Cork, produces PrEP, a once-daily medication that can significantly reduce the risk of infection among people without HIV who are at high risk of contracting it, such as men who have sex with men. The branded Truvada drug costs over €400 a month.

Gilead’s patent on the drug, from which it has made an estimated €14bn globally, ran out in July 2017. Last December, it was announced that cheaper generic versions — one is 85% cheaper — would be made available in Ireland. Gilead failed to secure an injunction to block the sale of the cheaper drugs here and, last week, lost a legal battle in the European Court of Justice which effectively allows unfettered access to the cheaper generic alternatives. Green Party activist and convenor of the party’s national LGBT organisation, Rob O’Sullivan, called on Cork Pride yesterday to cancel the sponsorship deal.

“If Cork Pride genuinely represents the LGBT community in Cork, it should never accept sponsorship from them or any company whose conduct is contrary to the health, interests or ethics of the community.” However, Mr Mullaly said this year’s Pride festival has done more than any previous festival to promote HIV awareness — work which would not be possible without the support of corporate sponsors such as Gilead.

The Cork Greens also said they will not be marching under their banner in the Cork Pride parade on Sunday after organisers “demanded a €250 entry fee”. The party said it will instead donate money to LGBT charities and its members will march with the LGBT community as individuals. However, Mr Mullaly said they never demand an entry fee and insisted the Green Party would, like other political groups, pay a substantially discounted entry fee which goes towards defraying the running costs of the event.

Isn't Justin McAleese pushing to get PrEP available on the HSE here?
Its about businesses making money. Straight gay trans lefty no business really cares.
The chambers is even open at this time.
Where do the south american transvestites hang about?
A friend is asking
So it’s Pride weekend again?! Wasn’t there a big one in Dublin a few weeks ago and then the Trans lot had one within the last month. I’ve nothing against gay or trans people but surely one weekend a year is enough? We live in the most liberal country in Western Europe, we voted for gay marriage, abortion and have an openly gay Taoiseach and elected openly gay people to parliament. Is there a need for multiple celebrations?

It's their culture.
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