Green Party Senator objects to wind farm

NIMBYism? It would appear so: Senator Garvey added: “I don’t think it is fair to say that Greens are always pushing for wind farms. We have always pushed for green energy in the right place.
Also, aren’t senators supposed to represent the whole country, rather than their locality? Or is the Green Party as bad as all the other parties in using the senate as a holding pen for failed or aspiring TD’s? I note that Timmy Dooley of FF is also using his position of senator to lobby against this as well, so it isn’t just the Ecomentalist party. They’re all the same.
Looking at a run for Dail seat I'd say. Keep it local!!
You had Eoin O' Broin (SF housing spokesman) objecting to perfectly sensible new social and affordable housing project on his patch before Christmas!
In the midst of pandemic and associated effects on education, leaving cert exams, etc, Norma Foley's first statement on becoming minister was to promise to fast-track a new school for Tralee!!
I hate wind turbines but putting solar panels on farm sheds might be an option. I think this was suggested on some programme recently.
Why? I think they are beautiful on the landscape

The Greens should be ashamed of themselves if some of their reps are resorting to this parish pump shit, Climate action is about the the bigger picture and making things better. If we start the not in my backyard stuff then we are going absolutely nowhere fast

Someone I worked with objected to a farm near their family holiday home years back.. because she heard that they emit a low humming sound while spinning. This is the same person working in a very environmentally focused office who would have been preaching the green agenda from a building perspective. I pointed out she was a complete hypocrite and she objected anyway and succeeded in stopping it. Ah, well

By the way - large solar arrays are far more prominent on the landscape when viewed from afar as the top surface is like a mirror

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