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Yes he was convicted. He is a rapist.

I get it. I acknowledge it.

I also acknowledge his boxing history. He has been hit more than what you see on camera, I believe him when he offers up what it is like to be punched full force on the mouth.

I did bump into Tim Witherspoon outside Euston Station with his granddaughter. He was carrying her satchel. All 6'7..

Tough guy. Frank Bruno was down the road in Sheppey. No big ends for top end boxers.
So why are you accusing me of calling you a rapist?


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You have been succumbed to the #metoo.

You think all men are rapists.

Therefore, I am a rapist.

That is the conclusion, so I lock away and want no further physical interaction.

That is my right.
No I don't.

But I think Tyson is.

(also, the metoo movement doesn't believe that all men are rapists. That's just hysteria. Lock yourself away all you want, but don't blame the rest of us for it)
Should it also have an additional clarification t
Are you seriously suggesting that not having the words "people with a cervix" on the ad would lead to some people being overlooked or missing out on the info?

I think you're underestimating the capability of these people of figuring out for themselves whether or not the information is relevant to them or not.
If the idea of the additive words is to avoid someone missing out surely they are also missing another cohort?

The text should women, but not those with a scrotum, and a person with a cervix.

By not including the piece about women with scrotums surely that might lead to some not having all the information they need to make a decision?

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