Funerals and offerings to remember the deceased

I was at a bikers funeral when I was small and they all revved their bikes as the hearse left the church. The noise and smell was awful altogether and some wans were giving out but the priest said, Who are we to judge their ways? I thought that was pure sound


Been to a few funerals in the last year, some of the shit the priest comes out with, not knowing anything whatsoever about the deceased. At a bikers funeral I had to lol when the priest said, " Jimmy (not real name) will be driving around heaven on his motorbike".

Raising hell and breaking the speed limit.

When my dad died I had a remote, a bookies pencil, his cap, a hurley and a Cork shirt ready to be brought up to the altar. First in line was a cousin. I saw strange look on priests face as she approached. The dope had picked up everything. The other four were standing lost for words. I could hear my dad saying goway ya fuckin dope to her.
Personally I don't like seeing packets of cigarettes being brought up or left on the coffin, particularly when they were the contributing factor, I find it very strange.

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27th Mar 2022 @ 7:00 pm
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