Fox hunting

Fox hunting controls vermin, saves the trouble of walking the dogs, exercises your horses, allows one to be sociable with one's neighbours, and gives a damn good excuse to get drunk afterwards.

I don't see what your issue is exactly.
Trail coursing does all that without the cruel finale, exercise one horse by dragging a scent bag across a set course, then exercise the dogs and the rest of the horses following the scent. This can also avoid killing farm livestock and trashing farmers fences and gates, as well as the bad feeling caused by trespass on to private land. As for the controlling vermin, it's been well established that hunting foxes on horseback with dogs is one of the least effective ways of controlling their numbers.
Considering your last comment it seems to me you're primary reason for this 'sport' is the alcohol at the end of it, all the cruelty and general chaos it causes is clearly secondary to you enjoying feeling like the lord of the manor. well the days of the peasants tugging their forelock simply because people like you tell them they have to are long gone, accept it and stop trying to live in the past, it's only real in your drunken haze.
Talk about living in the past, coursing. How the jesus did this relic survive into the 21st century? Getting a bit of blowback and rightly so.
Not sure if I got my point across or you're just talking about hare coursing, maybe it's a cultural thing. I've only ever known what I described as coursing, though I have seen it called trail hunting before. don't know how long it's been around to qualify as a relic but thought it was fairly recent (80's and onwards) to find a less cruel way to get out on horseback, still feel the people doing it are trying to make themselves feel superior to the 'little people' but at least it stops the senseless cruelty and mindless destruction of the regular fox hunt debacle.
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