Fixtures going Bang

Hank Scorpio

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The talk now is its only going to affect games in London over policing issues with the Royal funeral so Just Spurs/Leicester, Chelsea/Lolpool, (Maybe Brentford/Bumnal?)

Considering the kicking theyve gotten for cancelling last weekend you'd hope the rest of the games go ahead.


Hank Scorpio

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Lol they're on about cancelling United/Leeds for policing reasons.

Howr they going to manage a midweek game between the two at night?
At a stretch, I can see logic of postponing London games if Plod is assigned to funeral cortege duties or whatever.
They're hardly deploying officers from Manchester area!!

Hank Scorpio

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Games are being cancelled because they are Category A and require more policing.

Brighton Palace off anyway because of train strikes.

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