FF TDs who might defect to IRA/SF

A secondary school in Dublin and Cambridge University, different gravy.

How many British Prime Ministers came from Belvo?

So your issue isn't with his playing rugby but with the university he attended. Would you rather your TDs didn't attend third level education, is that your issue? 🤷‍♂️
So your issue isn't with his playing rugby but with the university he attended. Would you rather your TDs didn't attend third level education, is that your issue? 🤷‍♂️
I have no issue at all, great that we have all put the past behind us and move on.Don’t you think with his connections to the establishment in Whitehall he could be got at😂😂
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You should know that I'm not a representative of SF here or anywhere else. I'm a member of the party sure, but what I post here are my own opinions (contrary to the myths here SF members are actually allowed have their own opinions) which at times are in conflict with SF policy. I'm no more a representative for SF than jimmy is for Fianna Fail or Stacey is for Fine Gael.

As for your notion that SF "have 2 schools of support" and "the old and the new" can you tell me which of these two schools I'm supposed to be in as I was talking to people last night who've been in the party for more than 40 years and other who've joined in the last couple of years and there didn't seem to be an obvious difference tbh.
And while you're there, given that you're not a member or even a supporter of SF, you'd probably be much better placed to tell us about another Irish political party. Can you tell me what, if any, other Irish political party has "2 schools" the "old and the new" on such a collision course in your opinion :unsure:
I'd imagine you're somewhere in between. Not knowing you personally, aside from here, you seem like a decent enough old sort who's sick of years of the same from the status quo, and like what you've seen from SF (locally or nationally??)

I would say that most of the well established mainstream parties have "2 schools" to cajole on the subject of immigration. PBP/SP, for example probably do not as, you join/support them on the understanding that they are in the pro camp. The former will no doubt have supporters with differing views on the subject and find themselves veering off to the right.

The likes of SF, in my opinion, have this more than most as their core support down the decades has been fairly hardcore and, given the campaign that they were supporting then, pretty much a single issue camp. Their rise in mainstream politics has been pretty impressive, as is their new found support base( who wouldn't have/and didn't touch SF as a party pre GFA). A happy camp or so it seemed prior to immigration and housing becoming a joint issue for the electorate.

And this in my opinion is the issue facing SF more than others. You're experience says it's not an issue. The party's silence/fence sitting tells me it is. When are they ever silent?

I'm off to sleep for a night shift. Will reply later if I can.
I would add T Gould to that soundy and its not because of the party he represents,surely ye could get better than him.

Tommy is a grafter and albeit limited, will get back to constituents re any queries they have and is involved in the community. I'm sure McSharry a solid local rep too but he has notions of high office that Tommy wouldn't entertain.

The phrase "know your limits" has not resonated with McSharry!!

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