Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

Any clue who the person 'involved with the far right' is suspected of killing the Balkan Lad?

Seem the two boys were coming out of a shop and a group of young fellahs told them 'English Only Spoken, This is Ireland'

Through the power of social media they were branded as 'attacking irish youths' (verbally) and a 4 man kill team appeared and left one of them dead.
And not once did Blighe or any of his 'concerned local' friends come out and condone this despicable crime.
It's actually horrible to think that any time these horrendous acts occur, Blighe and his associates are almost gleeful if there's a hint that it has been carried out by a foreign national of middle-eastern descent. It would make your skin crawl watching him fake sympathy for the victims, the man has zero redeeming qualities. Even now since its been established who carried out the Sydney attack he hasn't spoken one word of support for the victims, why doesn't he donate some of his gofundme pot to help the families effected.
He’s fundraising on some platform called buy me a coffee. There are questions about the far right being funded by far right groups in the UK and US also. Hopefully SIPO keep an eye on candidates.
There was a piece in the Phoenix Magazine about Far Right candidates fund raising through various platforms, go fund me, buy me a coffee etc, and it hits on exactly what your saying in terms of the majority of the donations are through anonymous people and overseas donations, it's definitely very shady.

Could you imagine if one of his opponents on the left had a crowd funding drive full of anonymous donations.....Blighe would be straight on live to his echo chamber "this is the woke, NGO, communist, corrupt, lgbt, pro trans government trying to use there money to stop me from exposing the great replacement plantation taking place in our Sacred Soil of Ireland"...........obviously he wouldn't articulate that well, but ye all know what I mean.
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