European and Local elections thread.

I've heard nothing since digging up Tommy G's quote that UCC by virtue of it's geographical location has barriers in place to keep the poor northsiders out.

They have to get two buses to get there
Think you may need to sort out the wax in your ears fellah. I’ve already responded to that 😂
Fine Gael are engaged in a disinformation campaign on the doorsteps. The party has told all local election candidates and their supporters to take credit for any positive developments in the neighbourhood in which they are campaigning especially if they had nothing to do with these positive developments. Fine Gael are attempting to do this on the doorsteps and they are lying. Fine Gael are trying to play the people of Cork for fools! Don't let them get away with it!

The Cork public know their neighbourhoods and who is responsible for what. These Fine Gael spoofers on the doorsteps should be confronted and called out for their lies.
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